The Old England Hotel was established in 1848. The hotel with its warmth and historical significance has been engrained in the traditions and social landscape of Heidelberg since its foundation.

For the last century the old England hotel has attracted Melbournians as a fashionable place to dine, drink and socialise. Some of the most notable patrons of the day included Heidelberg School of Arts founders; Arthur Streeton, Fredrick McCubin, Tom Roberts and Charles Conder who as young struggling artists would frequent the hotel during the years they were painting the Heidelberg area around 1888. During this time they would meet regularly to share their dreams, stories, struggles and achievements.

Fine reproductions of the Heidelberg School of Arts artist’s paintings can be found on our wall of history, as well as well as a collection of original photographs of the Heidelberg Historical society and other landmarks significant to Heidelberg and the Old England hotel.

Arthur Streeton
Fredrick McCubin
Tom Roberts
Charles Conder
Heidelberg School of Arts
Artists Trail

The Heidelberg School Artists Trail recognizes the sites often visited by the artists around the area. The trail begins around the corner from the Old England Hotel and identifies significant heritage sites where major art works were painted from the 1880’s to the early 1900’s.

Community Projects/charity involvement

The Old England hotel is committed to dedicating time and resources to contribute to the community and raising awareness to a number of different causes. The Old England works alongside these organisations to promote their messages and is proud of its ties with these organisations. The Old England prides itself on being a valuable contributor to the community.

The Heidelberg School Art Foundation
The Old England Hotel is a proud sponsor of the Heidelberg School Art Foundation and supports its Vision for an Art Gallery & Museum Complex to be built as an iconic building and landmark in Heidelberg. The Foundation believes this project will ensure the preservation of a significant cultural and artistic heritage, which began with the artists colonies of the “Heidelberg School artists.”

The RACV Centenary Hill Climb: Heidelberg 1904 – 2004
On Sunday 23rd of May, pre1905 cars and motorcycles took part in a historic re-enactment, in Burgundy Street, Heidelberg. The original event was held on May 28th 1904.The Old England was proud to be a primary sponsor of this event re-enacting the events of 1904.

Other Charities and non-profit organisations:
The Old England supports many local charities, non-profit organisations, schools and sporting clubs in their fundraising activities. These include:

The Lions House Foundation

Banksia Palliative Care Services 

Banyule Council’s Family Services – Holiday Camps for disadvantaged children

Austin Health

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre Appeal